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Активно Expert Cash Game Play in 2016 [ENG]

Тема в разделе "Ставки, покер", создана пользователем Солнышко, 4 май 2016.

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Набор участников
30500.00 руб.
0 из 70
Расчетный взнос:
480 руб.
  • (Записывайтесь, чем больше участников, тем меньше расчетный взнос)

  1. Солнышко

    Солнышко Администратор Команда форума

    YourDoom - Expert Cash Game Play in 2016

    На английском языке!
    Цена: 397 евро (в рублях орг откорректирует)

    Video 1: Expert Strategy in 4-bet pots - Part 1 - 26 mins

    How to proceed with AK/AQ when you 4-Bet and miss the flop

    Video 2: Expert Strategy in 4-bet pots - Part 2 - 34 mins
    Debunking a popular trend
    Demonstrating optimal play when 4-betting preflop
    Demonstrating optimal play when facing 4-bet preflop

    Video 3: Game Theory Optimal Button Stealing Ranges - Interactive Part 1 - 27 mins

    How to steal perfectly in a vacuum
    GTO Opening, Flatting and 4-bet ranges
    How to adjust to your opponents

    Video 4: Game Theory Optimal Button Stealing Ranges - Interactive - Part 2 - 17 mins

    Choosing a proper sizing
    How to adjust to your opponents
    Aggressive vs. Passive play post flop

    Video 5: Expert Dynamic Opening Ranges for Today's games - Interactive - 15 mins

    Yes, you do have pre-flop leaks and this video will fix them
    Teaching you how to properly analyze your own database to find your perfect ranges
    Beyond "Charts"

    Video 6: Playing Unbalanced, Exploitable Ranges for Maximum Profit - 22 mins

    Spots where GTO is the least optimal style for maximum profit
    A discussion on maximum exploitive game theory
    Hammering the final nail into the GTO coffin

    Video 7: SB Facing BB 3-Bet Strategy - Part 1 - 30 mins

    Establishing your baseline hand strength vs. different aggressive 3-bet ranges
    Variations to get maximum action with your strong hands
    Example 1: You open 88 and face 3-bet. Discussing your options vs. different 3-bet frequencies.
    Example 2: You open SB with 22. The BB 3-bets with a 25% range. How to proceed.

    Video 8: SB Facing BB 3-Bet Strategy - Part 2 - 31 mins

    Which hands to flat vs. 3-Bet PF
    How to proceed after flatting 3B OOP
    When to use the 4-Bet Merge semi-bluff
    When to fold AJ/KQ/KJ to a 3-Bet

    Video 9: Misconceptions about Board Texture - 26 mins

    An interactive study on c-bet success rates
    Evaluating different board textures
    A discussion on cbet sizing on flop, turn and river
    Betting vs one and two opponents

    Video 10: Examining Calling and Overcalling Ranges on the Button - 34 mins

    Overcalling wide ranges for profit
    Tightening your button ranges in some cases
    Optimal stab sizing discussed

    Video 11: Correcting that Nasty River Leak - 17 mins

    Considering his entire range before auto betting the river in 3B Pot
    Two critical commonly missed concepts that will save you a lot of money

    Video 12: Examining a Commonly Missed River Opportunity - Part 1 - 18 mins

    Stabbing river with no equity
    Calculating expectation to bluff river in different situations
    Quizzing your hand reading ability
    My completion and PFR tendencies in the SB vs. limpers

    Video 13: Examining a Commonly Missed River Opportunity - Part 2 - 28 mins

    When and how often to follow up on your turn stab
    Examining board texture, opponent ranges, success rates and expected value
    Using different sizings to optimize your desired result
    Delving deeper into the YourDoom HUD

    Video 14: Understanding Equity - 21 mins

    Most players have been calculating this wrong this whole time
    Common misconceptions about 3-bet bluff success rates
    Creative sizings to use in different situations for max EV

    Video 15: Deciding to flat or to 3-bet Pre-Flop - Clarity on How to Play Pocket Tens - 34 mins

    An interactive database analysis on flatting vs. 3-betting with TT
    Your expectations when flatting vs. 3-betting borderline hands

    Video 16: An Analysis of Optimal Isolation Ranges vs. Limpers Pre-Flop - 25 mins

    An interactive analysis with HM2
    YourDoom shows why 90% of regs play the wrong ranges vs. limpers
    Facing one limper vs. facing multiple limpers

    Video 17: Interesting Hands - Part 1 - 29 mins

    Overbetting Turn
    The 4-Bet semi-bluff isolation play
    How to improve your hand reading
    Checking back a huge draw to maximize your EV

    Video 18: Interesting Hands - Part 2 - 31 mins
    How and when to "attack the king"
    The full pot river bluff
    Stab bluffing river vs. multiple opponents
    Folding QQ preflop

    Video 19: Interesting Hands - Part 3 - 22 mins

    Making big laydowns to river raise
    The one-quarter pot sized bet bluff
    Raising river with a credible story

    Video 20: When to Flat AK and QQ vs. 3-bet - 27 mins

    A discussion of scenarios and what to look for when deciding not to 4-Bet AK or QQ
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